6 weeks.


Project strategy, UX research, Prototyping, Web Design (IxD, UX/UI design), Coding, Content Strategy, design production, Web Layout, Laravel Integration, Custom CMS.


UX/UI designer, project director, project manager, coders.

Being part of Super Global allowed us to meet interesting people with a non-profit way to see things. And that’s really cool. 

When we meet the founders of InChorus we see the potential of the project right away. 

But ( there’s always but ) they wanted their MVP ready in 2 months.

We love challenges. So we decided to work hard and do it in 6 weeks.

Launch Project

The end of bias and harassment.

Truth is that there should be more projects like this out there, worrying about our wellbeing while at work.

InChorus provides a safe and trustly way to resolve incidents of bias and harassment in organisations. Everything encrypted. Everything anonymous. 

Visual & UX.
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