Kiano y los cooperantes


4 months.


UX research, App prototype, App design ( IxD, UX/UI design ), Coding, Design production, Ionic integration.


Project director, Project manager, Coders.

We knew that creating a game would never be the same that creating an app. Even with our experience we knew that would be a challenge for our team.

And that is because we knew that it would be a challenge, that we accepted this project.

And knowing that behind the scenes we will have Fundación Meridional, kept us really confident.

Our perfect travel mate.

No doubts that Ionic is our perfect framework to develop with. 

Performance talking, the app plays videos, creates random sliders and because of that we weren't so secure about using it in the beginning.

But Ionic do not disappoint. Once again, holds amazingly stable the app.

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