Kilian Jornet


4 months.


Project strategy, UX research, Prototyping, Web Design (IxD, UX/UI design), Coding, Content Strategy, design production, Web Layout, Laravel Integration, Custom CMS


UX/UI designer, interaction designer, project director, project manager, coders.

Since 2009 we’ve been working closely with Kilian Jornet and Lymbus in order to create a digital strategy that helps them transmit, reinforce and project his vision and love for nature.

As part of that, they asked us (again) to design and roll out their new website.

Launch Project

The challenge.

Because we’d already developed the previous website, we had a head-start understanding requirements for the new one. Key to this was refocusing on a marketing side, to help the press easily find the information they need.

Visual & UX.
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