Mr. Wonderful


3 months.


Project strategy, UX research, App prototype, App design ( IxD, UX/UI design, prototyping ), Coding, Content Strategy, Design Production, Mobile First, Ionic integration, Custom CMS.


UX/UI designer, Project Director, Project Manager, Ionic Coders.

When one day you find in your Inbox a mail from a global startup looking for an agency to develop their oficial app, you realize that maybe is a SPAM. In that case it wasn’t. And we did our best like always.

It's really amazing how a big and empowered team can seamlessly integrate with an agency like us.

From the very beginning, they let us decide about the design and development technologies to use. That was really rewarding.

Simple outside. Perfect inside.

One day they came with a simple sketch and a list of functionalities.

Some meetings later, we deliver an internal API, a custom CMS and a simple app made with Ionic. Everything multi language and scalable.

Let’s talk.