6 weeks.


Project strategy, UX research, Web Design (IxD, UX/UI design, Prototyping), Coding, Content Strategy, Design Production, Web Layout, Laravel Integration, Custom CMS, Photo Shoot.


IxD/UX/UI Designer, Project Director, Project Manager, Coders, Photographer.

Being in touch since the beginning of this company, Teamcmp has trusted us to create its corporate website.

They have trusted our criteria since the beginning of the project. From prototyping to programming through even a photo session. And the result reflects all the work done.

We have made the programming on Laravel and a customized server.

Launch Project

Good vibes and hard work.

Teamcmp is build with a very passionate team. Being around their offices for a while, we share lots of ways of seeing things. One key thing is that work is important, but also as the environment where you work. 

Having committed people around is definitely one of the reasons why they are one of the leading VR startups.

Visual & UX.
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