4 weeks.


Project strategy, UX research, Web Design (IxD, UX/UI design, prototyping), Coding, Content Strategy, Design Production, Web layout, Laravel Integration, Custom CMS, Stripe Integration.


IxD/UX/UI Designer, Project Director, Project Manager, Coders.

When you need to create a simple and functional ecommerce with a custom design and custom development in just 4 weeks, you need more than hard work. How we did that ? You can try but you won’t guess.

Launch Project

Focus on the Photograpy.

We had it really clear from the beginning of the project. We proposed a clean and functional design, where photography was the core. No distractions at all, so people can focus on the photography and the shopping experience. 

That’s it. We had not much more time then. 

We’ve been upgrading the website since the launch, now with less rush.

Visual & UX.
Zoom in Details.

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